Something big is coming soon... Read this sneak preview by Emma Buday, State Research & Policy Intern at Climate Cabinet Action, summer 2021.

I am an intern at Climate Cabinet Action, and after spending just 8 weeks diving into the fascinating, and tedious, world of state climate policy; I have come to this simple conclusion: state legislators are underappreciated.

In preparation for the release of Climate Cabinet Action’s first ever national state legislature climate scorecard; I’ve combed through thousands of climate bills, dove into the policy landscape of Texas and North Carolina, and researched energy outlooks for dozens of states…

Help us defend the Virginia legislature's pro-climate majority.

Images of the Virginia Climate Candidates.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we can’t address the climate crisis without state leadership. Regardless of what the Biden administration is able to accomplish on climate, we rely on states to leverage federal investment and set a higher bar for big climate action. States have charted the path for climate action in the US — but if we lose pro-climate majorities, states also have tremendous power to erase hard won progress.

That’s why the stakes couldn’t be higher in the Virginia House of Delegates election this fall.

By Emily Liu, Research & Policy Intern at Climate Cabinet Action

The need for economic and social justice has made its way into the forefront of the Democratic politics, particularly after the year we’ve had in 2020. The racial justice movement and climate movement alike are pointing out the need to address climate change and social justice hand-in-hand. Here’s why.

Race and poverty often go hand in hand with the disproportionate burden of environmental hazards. More power plants, highways, sources of air pollution and toxic waste are placed in marginalized communities than anywhere else. As a result, communities of color…

Join us as we dive into the data at the intersection of climate change and electoral politics.

Map of the “Climate Cabinet 40” — our slate of forty state legislature races critical for tackling climate change in the 2020 election cycle. At Climate Cabinet Action, we’re committed to using data to raise the salience of climate change in electoral politics.

Each passing election cycle presents not only an opportunity to elect thousands of elected officials to shape federal, state, and local policy, but also an opportunity to harness the power of precinct-level election results data to analyze and understand the dynamics underlying American politics.

Election data is deeply relevant to organizations working on climate. We’re here to explain why.

Every election cycle, the MIT Election Lab compiles a repository of precinct-level election results at the Presidential, Congressional, State, and Local levels for all…

This update was originally shared March 24, 20201.

Did you hear? Our Executive Director Caroline Spears was announced as one of Grist Magazine’s 2021 “Grist Fixers,” fifty emerging climate leaders and innovators across the US. Grist is an independent media organization focused on climate justice and solutions. We’re honored to see Caroline among the ranks!

Check out the full list and share the announcement!

Caroline was selected as a “Grist Fixer” for her work ensuring downballot candidates run, win, and legislate on bold climate platforms — and that remains Climate Cabinet Action’s sole focus. …

This update was originally shared in February 2021.

First — to everyone affected by the winter storms this week: please stay safe! It’s clear that our climate is changing, and we need to prepare our infrastructure, transition to a clean energy economy, and watch out for one another.

We wanted to share an update on the impact of our work. Remember way back before the 2020 election, when we asked you to support the Climate Cabinet 40 “highest ROI” state legislature candidates? (…I know, it feels like 500 years ago to us too.)

Well last week, we got some big…

This announcement was originally shared November 2020.

Dear readers,

We’re excited to announce that Climate Cabinet Action has been selected for New Media Ventures’s 2020 investment portfolio!

New Media Ventures is a leading investment fund focused on progressive innovation. We are honored to be one of their 14 investees this year, alongside incredible organizations with initiatives ranging from fighting for justice and representation, to protecting our democracy, supporting progressive organizing, and transforming the local media landscape. You can read about all of the groups in NVM’s 2020 portfolio here.

We need to scale up bold climate action in the states…

*This recap was originally published and shared with Climate Cabinet Action supporters on December 8, 2020.

Climate is finally a winning political issue — but the top of the ticket failed to drive downballot Democratic success in this election.

Moving forward, it’s clear that state-level progressive infrastructure must be dramatically built up in order to win climate victories in Statehouses across the U.S.

Here are Climate Cabinet Action’s takeaways and results from this cycle.

Election takeaways

Climate is a political winner. Climate was consistently a top issue for voters throughout the election. It was Biden’s closing argument, and now it’s a top priority for his administration’s transition into office.

Downballot candidates did not sufficiently benefit from top-of-the-ticket success. In order to win pro-climate…

This piece was originally published in October 2020 at:

When it comes to the climate crisis, we don’t have time to waste. Congress — and of course the President — get a lot of attention when it comes to addressing (or failing to address) climate change. But state-level action is just as essential.

State legislators have the power to decide whether electricity comes from clean energy or fossil fuels. They determine whether to address unequal pollution in communities of color or let environmental injustices continue. …

Climate Cabinet Action

We’re a data-driven climate policy group that helps downballot candidates run, win, and legislate on the climate crisis.

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