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3 min readAug 24, 2021

Help us defend the Virginia legislature's pro-climate majority.

Images of the Virginia Climate Candidates.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we can’t address the climate crisis without state leadership. Regardless of what the Biden administration is able to accomplish on climate, we rely on states to leverage federal investment and set a higher bar for big climate action. States have charted the path for climate action in the US — but if we lose pro-climate majorities, states also have tremendous power to erase hard won progress.

That’s why the stakes couldn’t be higher in the Virginia House of Delegates election this fall. The results will affect all of us — and they will set the tone for 2022.

Since electing a pro-climate majority in 2019, Virginia has become a leader on climate action. In the past two years, climate champs in the Virginia House of Delegates have passed a 100% Renewable Energy Standard to power electricity on the wind and sun, adopted Clean Car Standards to reduce pollution in communities, created an Council on Environmental Justice to ensure the most-impacted communities are prioritized in the clean energy transition, and funded initial clean energy job programs.

All of this progress could be washed away if Republicans take back the House.

Virginia has become a clean energy leader — and we can’t afford to take a step back. Climate Cabinet PAC has identified the top 10 climate races in Virginia.

These 10 climate champions need your help today:

Climate Champions to protect:

  • Del. Josh Cole (HD-28) has a Climate Cabinet Score of 100 and is a true progressive leader.
  • Del. Chris Hurst (HD-12) is a Green New Deal champ with a Climate Cabinet Score of 96.
  • Del. Kelly Convirs-Fowler (HD-21) is a progressive champion with a Climate Cabinet Score of 100, running in Glen Youngkin’s stomping grounds. Let’s get her some resources!
  • Del. Lashresce Aird (HD-63) is a community leader with a Climate Cabinet Score of 97 and seat we need to protect.
  • Del. Alex Askew (HD-85) has a Climate Cabinet Score of 100. In Virginia Beach, his district is on the frontlines of climate change.
  • Del. Wendy Gooditis (HD-10) is prioritizing Virginia’s critical agricultural sector, which is already feeling the impacts of climate change. She has a Climate Cabinet Score of 100.
  • Del. Nancy Guy (HD-83) has a Climate Cabinet Score of 100 — help protect her seat.
  • Clinton Jenkins (HD-76) has a Climate Cabinet Score of 100, and is fighting for equity in the transition towards clean energy and clean transportation.

Challengers to elect:

  • Katie Sponslor (HD-66) is a true champion for workers and environmental justice. Help her unseat Del. Kirkland Cox, who has a Climate Cabinet Score of 36.
  • Debra Gardner (HD-27) is a public servant working to unseat Del. Roxann Robinson (Climate Cabinet Score of 39).

How did we choose this list? Climate Cabinet Action analyzed every Virginia delegate’s climate voting record to identify the top climate champions and climate obstructionists. They assigned every incumbent a “Climate Cabinet Score” of 0–100 based on how often each legislator voted for or against climate action. We compared those scores to recent election results in every district. The result? A list of the top 10 Virginia climate races. Support them today!

The state legislature elections this year and next will play an outsized impact in determining the US’s ability to act on climate change.

Can’t make a donation? Consider joining our upcoming phonebank with Sister District and/or spread the word on social media.

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