From the campaign trail to the state house

This update was originally shared in February 2021.

First — to everyone affected by the winter storms this week: please stay safe! It’s clear that our climate is changing, and we need to prepare our infrastructure, transition to a clean energy economy, and watch out for one another.

We wanted to share an update on the impact of our work. Remember way back before the 2020 election, when we asked you to support the Climate Cabinet 40 “highest ROI” state legislature candidates? (…I know, it feels like 500 years ago to us too.)

Well last week, we got some big news: both of our Texas “Climate Cabinet 40” candidates became founding members of the Texas Caucus on Climate, Environment, and Energy.

The caucus is chaired by Rep. Erin Zwiener, a second-term legislator whose re-election was no guarantee. With your help, we raised tens of thousands of dollars in climate-tagged donations for her campaign — and she ended up winning by just 1200 votes. And our second candidate, Rep. Vikki Goodwin, is also a founding member. She kept her seat by 1400 votes.

Keeping this duo in office was a crucial win not just for holding the line on climate, but building for the future.

And we can’t forget the other legislators leading the climate charge in Texas: of the new caucus’s founding members, we’ve also worked with Rep. Jon Rosenthal and the newly elected Rep. Ann Johnson.

We’re so grateful for these leaders in the Texas State House — and for all of your support in keeping them there. Elections matter, and they are big opportunities to make sure climate justice is a top priority for legislators in office.

On that note: it’s never too early to start thinking about 2022!

Best wishes as always,

The CCA Team

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