Exciting News: We made New Media Ventures!

This announcement was originally shared November 2020.

Dear readers,

We’re excited to announce that Climate Cabinet Action has been selected for New Media Ventures’s 2020 investment portfolio!

New Media Ventures is a leading investment fund focused on progressive innovation. We are honored to be one of their 14 investees this year, alongside incredible organizations with initiatives ranging from fighting for justice and representation, to protecting our democracy, supporting progressive organizing, and transforming the local media landscape. You can read about all of the groups in NVM’s 2020 portfolio here.

We need to scale up bold climate action in the states, and this starts with electing climate champions. We’re helping downballot candidates run and win on the climate crisis — and take office prepared to act. We’re excited to have NMV’s support as we scale up to meet this challenge.

Clean energy can help us build our economy back better, protect our health, save consumers money, and create a more just and equitable future. We’re giving local candidates the confidence and district-specific information they need to talk about these intersecting issues, and the tools they need to put forth effective policy solutions.

We’re thrilled to have New Media Ventures’ support as we head into 2021. Consider echoing their investment with a contribution of your own!

Thanks as always,

The CCA team

We’re a data-driven climate policy group that helps downballot candidates run, win, and legislate on the climate crisis. https://www.climatecabinetaction.org/